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Racingline Light Alloy Wheels – 18×9, ET35, 5×112

Racingline Light Alloy Wheels – 18×9, ET35, 5×112


Nothing makes more difference to your car’s appearance than its wheels. And of course, a lighter-weight wheel makes a big contribution to the ride, handling and responses of any car through reducing the all-important unsprung weight. Yet at the same time, nothing is more important than the safety and reliability of your car’s wheels.

This is the challenge of developing a wheel suitable for both road and race.

We’ve spent many years seeking this perfect balance of weight, strength and appearance from our wheels, and have wrecked a good number of test wheels during our development process on the race and track cars! But we now have what we consider to be the best 18″ wheel for your Volkswagen = our RacingLine 18″ Alloy Wheels, the only wheel used on our racecars.


The 18″ rims is an ultra-light heat treated alloy wheel weighing only 9kg (19.8lbs) per wheel for the 8″ rim width, and under 10kg (22lbs) for the 9″ rim. This represents a significant weight saving over the original wheels = whilst crucially still retaining the strength needed on road or track. All of our wheels are produced to the highest standards, in the UK only.


The wheel, which is the exact wheel we use on all of our racecars, is an attractive 12 spoke design finished in a unique satin graphite grey. With two different offsets available, and a choice of 8″ and 9″ rim widths, the wheel has been developed to fit perfectly under the wheel arches of either Golf or Scirocco models (and shared-platform cars such as Audi A3/S3, Seat Leon, Octavia, and other Volkswagens such as Eos, Golf Plus etc).

The wheels are supplied with replacement, uprated wheel bolts and designed to retain the standard Volkswagen (or other-branded) centre caps.

Most importantly, our testing has shown it to be an exceptionally strong wheel, as well-suited to the demands of the track as it is to the day to day use of road driving.


The 18″ x 8″ wheel, with an offset of ET45 suits cars such as Golf, Jetta, Leon and Octavia. The 18″x9″ rim is only suitable for the wider arched cars, and looks simply perfect on these models. The PCD is 5×112, with a centre bore of 57.1mm. In other words, the perfect size for your Volkswagen.

We recommend a tyre size of 225/40 R18 for these wheels for Golfs to maintain wheelarch clearance, or 235/40 R18 for Sciroccos and TTs which have greater clearance.5×112, with a centre bore of 57.1mm. In other words, the perfect size for your Volkswagen. We recommend a tyre size of 235/35 R19 for these wheels to maintain wheel arch clearance. Note that for Golf 5/6 applications, where arch clearance is tight we would recommend a 225/35 R19 tyre