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Racingline High-Flow Panel Air Filter – Polo GTI 6R
Racingline High-Flow Panel Air Filter – Polo GTI 6R

Racingline High-Flow Panel Air Filter – Polo GTI 6R


A cone-intake filter for Polo GTI 6R 1.4 TSI to replace the restrictive standard paper filter element.

The range of High-Flow Performance Air Filters replaces the restrictive factory paper filters with an improved, high flow and reusable foam filter. The Performance Filter is one of the most cost-effective enhancements you can make to allow the engine to breathe better and operate more efficiently = improving engine efficiency, and hence power and fuel economy. By removing the inevitable restrictions that the standard paper panel filter gives, the Performance Filter allows a significant increase in airflow through to the turbo.

Result? More mid-range power and improved economy, without risking your warranty.

Our filters were developed for use in our racecars, some of which are required to run with the standard airbox under the regulations. So we needed to get the highest flow efficiency possible, but combined with the most effective levels of filtration from air-borne particulates. The result is the exact panel filter that we use in our race cars, but also one of the most popular and sensible modifications to make to your road car.


We use TriFoam triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam, which gives an exceptionally high level of filtration to protect the engine from contaminants in the air down to well below 5 microns, giving the highest level of filtration to protect the engine. The foam we specify is the best in the market = exactly the same specification as used by certain well-known F1 teams. ?All our filters are hand-built in the UK.

The triple foam layers are formed into a cylindrical filter form for the 1.4 TSI engine.

There are of course cheaper, single-layer filters on the market. We’ve tried many of these over the years; but in our experience they do not combine satisfactory levels of flow and filtration = meaning a compromise for your engine (sometimes quite significant) for the sake of a small price difference.


With this extra airflow, our tests have shown that the fitment of the Panel Filter can deliver an additional 13NM of torque on a standard 1.4TSI engine, thus making a small but worthwhile difference to the feeling of mid-range power of the car.

With the improved efficiency, many customers have noticed an improvement in fuel economy in normal driving, typically of around 10% depending on model.

This filter complements Stage 1 Power Upgrades, together with the RacingLine Exhaust Rear Section.


Fitting is simple = remove the standard filter, and replace it directly with the Panel Filter.

For maintenance instructions, please download:Air Filter Maintenance