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Harding Performance DSG Software – 7 speed DQ200
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Harding Performance DSG Software – 7 speed DQ200

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    Although this gearbox is widely tainted as the ‘black sheep’ of the DSG family, many of its flaws can be remedied with software changes. Without our specially designed DSG software, clutch damage can occur. Our software is unique and is available through our Australia wide distributor network.

    Our driveability software package contains:

    • Optimised D mode shift program
    • Optimised S mode shift program
    • Reactivation of 1st gear at low speed
    • Improved clutch pressure (unique)
    • Bump elimination during acceleration between 1st to 2nd shift
    • Fix for bouncing RPM needle

    Special performance package includes:

    • Raised maximum shifting RPM to accommodate engine tuning
    • Improved clutch clamping force capable of up to 300kw/420nm
    • Improved response from shift paddles
    • Optional launch control activation (clutch life will be dramatically reduced)

    Software updates from VW/Audi will not resolve these problems. Our software is not detectable.

    Known issues and symptoms:

    • Fast wearing out of the clutch due to excessive slip
    • Gear shifts up at low RPM
    • Bearing damage
    • Mechatronic defects
    • Rattling noises (i.e. 1st-2nd gear)
    • RPM needle instable or increasing in steps

    Five examples:

    1. Better shifting strategy

    When entering a curve or a roundabout, the DSG has not selected an appropriate gear. This creates poor throttle response when accelerating.

    2. Remove delay or lag

    While slowly rolling into an intersection and suddenly want to accelerate you feel the acceleration response becomes very sluggish and delayed. But when giving it more throttle the car suddenly pulls abruptly forward. We can change this. So when you are driving at low speeds of about 15kmh the car reacts better when accelerating.

    3. Under revving

    The DSG upshifts at extremely low RPM’s. Generally, when you are driving at 60kmh the DSG is already in 7th gear and between 1000 and 1200rpm. When giving slight throttle the engine and gears start making audible vibration sounds during low RPM speeds. These sounds will become more noticeable over time if not fixed and will result in permanent flywheel damage. We can fix this problem by raising the shift RPM values and so reduce the frequent up and downshifts. The engine and DSG transmission will respond better and faster when applying throttle. Repair costs would be several times the cost of software. With a simple and affordable software package, your DSG will last longer and have better performance.

    4. Sports mode

    Many drivers find that the DSG in S mode does not drive very well. The DSG downshifts too early and the engine will rev high. What we do is lower the S mode to make it more suitable for driving in the city.

    5. Vibration (Shudder)

    Do you feel heavy vibrations when accelerating from (near) standstill? Or when up-shifting from 1st to 2nd gear in D mode? We advise you to act quickly and apply our DSG software to prevent further harm to your DSG.

    The software is developed by Harding Performance to work seamlessly with Harding Performance or Racingline Performance OEM+ ECU software.

    Our highly developed DSG software is unique in the marketplace, even though we can do near “miraculous” things to sort out driveability issues, increase torque holding, and in some cases fix shuddering caused by programming & wear. The software WILL NOT:
    ⦁ Repair damaged or faulty mechatronics units
    ⦁ Recover slipping clutches or repair slipping clutches
    ⦁ Repair worn gear sets or compensate for poorly serviced transmissions
    ⦁ Will not work with modified engine software, engine components & DSG hardware unless we deem the software & components to be 100% compatible before purchase of the DSG Software.
    ⦁ As the software is custom produced for each vehicle and set of specifications, it is not returnable.